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Please note; Click the right arrow shape on each video to start it playing.  Also, if you hover your mouse pointer over the bottom edge of the video while it is playing you will see options for adjusting the playback volume of the video, viewing the video in full screen or jumping to YouTube to see the video there. You might also have an option to broadcast the the video from one device to another, such as from your computer to your Smart TV if they are using the same local area network.  

Fun Flying on Father’s Day

Practice flight control manually with Joysticks

A Beautiful Fall Day in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Our Hunt Spot

Great American Eclipse of 2017

Cumberland Gap

An Old Indiana Covered Bridge

St Thomas K of C Park picnic 2017 Fly-Over

Luray Caverns 2017

Thomas WV 2017

Thomas WV 2016

Lindy Point 2017

Davis WV 2017

Davis WV 2016

Pendelton Point 2017

Virginia Trails and Sites 2017

A West Virginia Railroad Bridge 2017

Wildcat Camp Civil War Site 2017

Rabbit Hash General Store 2017

Shenandoah National Park 2017

Flying over Henry Detwieler’s Farm 2017

Upper Peninsula – Barbeau Michigan July 4 2017

Big Pine Park 2017

Grandpa’s Little Friend 2017

Flying over water 2017

Quard State Blacksmith Roundup 2016


Sleepy Time Gal

Slip Slide Sliders

Monster, Maiden, Bunny


Biltmore Estate 2017

Village Workshop 2016

Purple Fiddle 2016

Anthony Vittorio D 2016




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