The more you make the better they look! One of the latest batches containing various State rings and several Washington quarters with years requested to match birth year of the new owner.

Coin Rings, Spoon Handle Rings and Copper Rings are just plain Cool!

This section of Old man Forge is mainly specific to rings I make. Some people believe that copper has some benefit to sufferers of arthritis. I’ve made copper rings from copper wire or sheet. Sometimes I use stainless steel, or stainless and copper. I make rings and bracelets from old eating utensils. I also make coin rings which have great appeal.  Many modern coins are mostly copper with an alloy cladding. Older coins had a higher silver content. These are factors to consider in the value of a coin ring. Numismatic value is another consideration. Spoon or fork handles make great rings too. Using old utensils that once belonged to a parent or grandparent to make a ring is a great way to have something that has special meaning.

I’ve had fun making them and many family members have their own now. Some have rings with their birth-date and some have rings for their State of residence. All these are hand made from real coins. Those who received the first rings suggested I start selling them. My charge to make a ring for you varies depending upon the value of the material and other factors that need to be discussed. Generally rings run about $40. Contact me with via this form if you are interested in a coin or copper ring.

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