Holding my own

About a year ago I thought that my time on earth was over. Thanks to the support of so many people I’m still here and holding my own. In fact I want to report that I’m doing pretty well.

I’ve done a few projects during the past year, the biggest was building my hunting blind on property we purchased. I had help when the time came to erect it. The project was a shared activity with my grandson who built his own blind, both in my new pole barn.

Most of the other projects were smaller but important to my recovery and attitude about living. Some were small but necessary repairs. Some projects were fun things like flying one of 3 drones and creating videos from the flights. Many are posted on my alternate Blog sight at “OldmanForge.net

This week I started a new project. We decided it was time to update a lavatory in our house. I thought we’d remove old wallpaper and then decide on new or to paint. We ended up removing everything down to the bare walls. A new cabinet, new counter-top with built-in sink, new plumbing fixtures, new wainscotting half walls, wall fixtures for towels and tissues, new light fixture and new paint will be done for this upgrade.

We’ve repaired any drywall blemishes and are ready to prime the walls. The wainscot wall panel pieces have been painted and are ready for installation as soon as the upper walls are painted.

With any luck at all this project should be finished by the end of the week. So as you see, as long as I can do projects I’m happy and it’s a good sign that I’m still healthy!

Thank you Lord!