What is a longboarder you ask? A longboarder is one who uses a longboard!  A longboard is a longer variant of a skateboard and is often faster because of wheel size, on top of being a much larger version than the original skateboard. It is commonly used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding, and transport. Longboarding has a large following and there are a number of professionally sponsored longboard riders competing in competitions throughout the world.

I skateboarded 45 years ago when the sport was a hobby exercise in the infancy of what has become today’s sport. We skateboarded in parking lots and down neighborhood streets until the police arrived and chased us away. We weren’t causing any problems but in those days we were constantly harassed when trying to have fun.  Here’s some photo’s of one of my ‘apprentices’ showing how the ‘professionals’ longboard. Crowds come out to watch the competitions and the authorities close down many streets to  provide a race course for he ‘boarders.

Alex on Board 001c (Large)     Alex on Board 005c     Alex on Board 003 (Large)

Alex on Board 002c (Large)


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