Becoming a Master of Life

Blacksmith Apprentices

Blacksmiths have their apprentices and teach them skills that eventually allow those apprentices to become Masters. Sometimes the apprentice will be able to teach the Master as well. My ‘Apprentices’ are my children and grandchildren and their ‘apprenticeship’ is to become ‘Masters’ of Life.

My ‘apprentices’ have skills and interests that deserve recognition. This section of Old Man Forge is going to be dedicated to my ‘apprentices’ and their achievements. Some have skills in their chosen career and some have artistic or athletic skill. As time goes by these apprentice accomplishments will be added to this section of Old Man Forge.

Every so often check here to see what has been added!
Click the palette icon below to open the Artists Page and see some of the great art my ‘apprentices’ have created!paintbrush-and-palette-clip-art


Click the string instruments icon to open the Musicians Page and see video of the great music my ‘apprentices’ have created!


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