The Old Two Hole’r

When the first owners of the property on, what we call, Daisy Hill built their house they had no indoor plumbing. That was common for rural farmland homes, especially in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Over the years the house had a number of additions and eventually inside plumbing was installed. Yet, the Old Two Hole’r remained out back of the house, decaying with the passing years. The original family had dug and created two  side-by-side pits for the Two Hole’r. They gave the pits concrete walls.  Looking at the construction its obvious that one was dug and walls poured sometime before the other.  The second pit allowed the Two Hole’r to be slid over to it when the first pit became full.

Now,  as a novelty the Old Two Hole’r is being refurbished.  It’s not intended for regular use.  A new 1 1/2 inch thick floor and 2 x 4 wall framing was constructed. Wall sheathing of 3/4 inch plywood give it strength to last another hundred years. The roof was refurbished with 2 x 4 trusses and 5/8 inch OSB roof panels. The refurbished Old Two Hole’r has become a two room structure. One side for the guys and one side for the ladies. After the basic structure was refurbished the entire structure was covered with tarred felt paper to help seal it from the elements. The original siding wood is now being put back on so that the Old Two Hole’r maintains the time weathered appearance it acquired in it long, long existence. Now that it became nearly double in size, and because some of the original boards were rotted beyond use, we’re searching for some additional weathered barn wood to complete the refurbishment.

The original roof shingles had probably been on the Old Two Hole’r since it was originally built and were totally worn out. Moss covered virtually every square inch of the roof.  New shingles will help to make it last for a very long time.


20140730_144601 (Large)
Floor sections in place over pits and walls being re-built.


20140730_144618 (Large)
Truss sections in place and 2nd set ready for second half of the Two Hole r


20140801_195715 (Large)
Framing basically done and siding underlayment started


20140802_142142 (Large)
Siding underlayment on and roof panels installed


20140802_190409 (Large)
One pit set back from the other so likewise the two halves of the Two Hole R. Note the staggered roof.

20140803_192031 (Large)

Starting to re-apply the original weathered siding boards


20140804_103412 (Large)
Old siding material well under way, but ran out of time to finish work on this trip up north.



Two old re-claimed doors being test fit. They will be cut down to proper size then covered with old weathered wood. External hand forged strap hinges will be used to hang the doors and the traditional crescent moon will be cut in the weathered wood coverings. Curtains or paintings on glass will adorn the inside.


 Old Two Hole’r UPDATE (8-27-14)

A second round of effort on the Old Two Hole’r has brought the exterior to the point of near completion. The only thing left to accomplish is the installation of shingles on the roof. For the shingles there will be a mixture of different types and colors to further the rustic look that we’re trying to achieve.  Below are several photos of progress from the second round of work. The old farm house windowed doors were covered, first with tar paper, then with old barn wood. All of the exterior walls, overhangs and fascia were covered with old wood. A plastic barrel is mounted on a pedestal at the rear and will hold water for a sink and flush toilet on the women’s side. The owner wants to have the men’s side more like an old time outhouse and therefore no running water.

The next round of work will finish the interior walls, any plumbing and venting, possibly some form of interior lights.

The door on the left side was covered with some of the original outhouse’s wall boards.


Rainy day but work continued. Nails had to be pulled from the truck load of old barn wood and a paper template of a crescent moon was tried on the first door.


Two trips were made to a nearby farm for more old barn wood. Nails had to be pulled first, then the wood sorted and stood up to dry. About 50 -60 percent of the old wood was unusable due to rot or splitting.


Both Doors were covered with old barn wood and then the classic Crescent Moon shapes were carved out of the wood.


For a laugh I installed a poster of Kate Upton behind the glass of the door for the ‘men’s side’.


A catch barrel for water was installed on a pedestal at the back side of the outhouses.


PVC pipe will catch rainwater from the roof to supply the barrel, although another opening will allow a hose to be used for filling the barrel as well.


View of the backside, men’s side on the right, women’s side on the left.


Leftover pieces of drywall from another job are pieced together as the partial installation began on the men’s side.


The exterior end wall of the women’s side. A couple old license plates were attached to further add to the rustic appearance.


Shingles are staged on the roof, ready for installation. Both doors and all the outside cladding are complete. Added some signs to indicate the gender for each side. The women’s side is only slightly larger. The actual footprint of the two halves are rotated 90 degrees from one another.


Click on the image for a larger view!


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