Like I said things that are ‘wrought’ could mean a lot of things. Below is a photo of the Sault Ste. Marie gals wearing hats that I knit. Yeah, I knit them! Sounds silly but it was a phase I went through and I had fun doing it. I knitted a number of things with knitting rings, not needles. I knit a bunch of hats, some scarfs, a small blanket, several sets of socks and a few pairs of mittens. It was actually a very relaxing way to keep busy when sitting at a campsite in the evening or at home watching television. The part I liked best was the creativity of selecting different colors and making them come out to something totally one of a kind. I still have the tools and someday will probably make some more. For the time being I’ve quit because I made so many that I needed to get the inventory down before I even think about doing anymore. Besides, there are other things I want to try before I die!

Dad’s Hats on the U.P. Girls

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