Drift Trikes

Wanna have some fun… try Drift Triking. The adult size version of the Big Wheel. These are ‘hacks’ from old bicycle parts and other things. Fun to build and probably more fun to ride.


This one is made from a 20 inch bike and a AB-DOER exerciser. The wheels are pneumatic with heavy wall PVC sleeves to help them slide (drift) sideways as the rider goes down hill. These are pure gravity bikes meant for riding down the steepest hill you can find. I have a brake on the front wheel, though many of these type bikes have none.

I made three of these so far, all are different but basically alike. A grandson tested them and we have some ‘tweaks’ to do for improved performance. They’re just for fun and we intend to have fun with them!  This is something I ‘wrought’ for fun! 


This is another bike during the fabrication stage. The rear axle  is designed to un-bolt, (as they do on all of our bikes), to make it easier to transport in the trunk of a car.

Here’s video from YouTube that inspired me to build some Drift Trikes for fun!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJkZ5eiqh70&w=560&h=315]





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