Little Giant copyOld Man Forge is a gathering spot to showcase some of my adventures in life, including the present years of retirement. Retirement’s a time when a second childhood commences, yet has the experience of  a lifetime behind it. You get to do things and experiment with adventures that were in your dreams earlier in life.

What is the page “Wrought” supposed to be?

I decided what I think I want it to be!


blu-max-65-med copy

When things are ‘wrought’ they are ‘hammered’ into shape to create whatever we dream up. A Blacksmith uses things like this 100 year old Little Giant, or a modern Big Blu,  power hammer to increase his capability to  forge and thereby say this is what I ‘wrought’.  The things that I ‘wrought’ might be more or less abstract items but often times actual physical items. In any case, I try to use all the tools at my disposal that might be appropriate to the task.

Looking at the menu choices under “Wrought” will reveal links to some of the things I proudly ‘wrought’.   Because this is a public  site I’m trying to not post much of the very personal, private things that I’m most proud of having ‘wrought’ like my family.

I also might put up things that are whimsy or fantasy, maybe to some just plain silly or useless.

Every now and then I may choose to remove something from Old Man Forge and replace it with something new (or not), so don’t be surprised if that happens. Bottom line is I don’t want to have a Facebook account where battles over comments might develop. With Old Man Forge I can say whatever, not worry about the drama on someone’s wall and just enjoy whatever I want to post or share. If the viewer enjoy’s something here that’s great, if not I’m sorry but for the most part they have to keep it to themselves. Very few places on my site will allow comments.

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